Turn Little Savings
Into Long Term Gains

Save Time, Save Money

Revolutionising Fresh Food Buying

Savings At Your Fingertips

The time has come to upgrade your processes. Spreadsheets are outdated and you need automated solutions that will save you time and money.

Monitor Daily Market Prices

Produce Watch allows you to maximise your fresh produce savings through an intuitive personalised dashboard that you can use to monitor daily market prices and use them to your advantage.

Customisable For Your Business

Give you access to wholesale prices for locally sourced, Australian grown fruit & vegetables

Personal Market Intelligence That You Own

Not only will Produce Watch buy you time and increase your daily savings, but it also provides you with market intelligence algorithms and trends that your business will benefit from long term.

  • NYou own the data
  • NAccess from any location
  • NBuyer Intelligence that saves you money
Try It Now & Start Saving
For just $1 you can try Produce Watch for a 14 day trial and see how it can save your business serious money on fresh produce starting today.
How It Works?

Choose Your Products

Select a payment plan suited to your business needs. Choose a combination of products you wish to track the pricing of. Customise your dashboard, and then be alerted of price changes to your selected products in real-time.

Check Prices Daily

When to buy, when to compare, and when to negotiate with suppliers to obtain maximum buying value of your fresh produce.

Never Over Spend

Prices are updated daily, and Stock Highlights will display the rate of change in price from the previous day, but won’t notify the users if the price is over what they want to spend. Information is available for users to compare their spending with market prices and self-determine the best time to buy.

Compare Prices Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annually

Over time you will collect relevant market intelligence that you can use to predict price trends and use them to your business’ advantage.
Smart Saving Made Easy
You can start saving $$$ in just 5 minutes with just a few clicks
With Produce
Watch You Gain:
  • ^Buyer Intelligence At Your Fingertips
  • ^Access To A Large Range Of Fruit & Vegetable Products To Choose From
  • ^Daily, Weekly or Monthly Reports Detailing Your Savings & Product Trends
  • ^Honest Price Comparisons At Wholesale Value
  • ^Seasonal Price Trends For Your Own Custom Range Of Products
  • ^The Ability To Monitor The Price Of Relevant Produce Over Any Given Time
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Personalised & Intuitive
Customise your Produce Watch dashboard exactly the way you want.

You can track and pay for the products that are directly relevant to your business needs. Your personalised dashboard will price produce in real-time, and display statistical analysis that will provide you with valuable insight into the current market.

Choose as many or as little items to track depending on your budget. The more produce you choose, the more money you save. Savings will become a habit, not a luxury.

Total Savings To Date

Revolutionise What You Know
Produce Watch is an upgrade for the trusted yet ancient system you are operating with now. We haven’t tried to fix what isn’t broken – we’ve just made it better – by refining it and adding a bunch of key features that will benefit you.
For only $1 you can trial Produce Watch
to see how much you can maximise your savings in a 14 day period
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